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Cheque Cashing

C.A.I Financial cashes all types of cheques

C.A.I Financial offers 1.2% on cheque cashing. We offer cheque cashing for the following cheque types:

  • Payroll cheques
  • Insurance cheques
  • Money Orders
  • Personal cheques
  • Tax Refund cheques
  • Business cheques
  • Settlement cheques
  • Inheritance cheques

If you need cheque cashing, we are the place. We are the specialists in cashing cheques.

The LOWEST Rates Anywhere

C.A.I Financial charges 1.2% plus $1.00 to cash your cheque. So long as you have valid ID, the rate is always the same. (Lose your ID, and we might be able to cash your cheque without ID too, but it costs a bit more). There is no limit to the size of the cheque which we will cash. It doesn’t matter what kind of a cheque you have who how large it is, as long as it can be verified.

When you need cheque cashing, we are able to offer you cash for your cheque, and if you desire we are also able to offer e-transfers, western union, money orders, certified cheques or bank drafts as change for the cheque that you have cashed.