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How It Works

How It Works

In order to apply for a loan with C.A.I. Financial, you must have something of value to use as collateral like a vehicle or property. In some cases we can even accept personal items like, lap-tops, jewelry, cell phones and more.

You can continue to drive your vehicle while we give you a loan on collateral basis. C.A.I. Financial does not agree with the unfair value listed on the Canadian Black Book therefore C.A.I. Financial will calculate the value of your collateral with a custom engineered software which will allow C.A.I. Financial to determine the maximum amount of funds it can lend out to the customer for its collateral. The customer has full rights to pay off the loan at any time without incurring any early payout fees. You also have the freedom to do payments for as much as you want, whenever you want. C.A.I. Financial is the only company in North America that gives you this freedom. This concept is new to North America on these basis we are the lowest interest rate in Canada. C.A.I. Financial currently has a 3-month and a 6-month plan. Regardless of the plan chosen, you can pay off the loan as early as you wish and you will not get charged the full term interest rate.

There will be monthly statements sent out to the customer to ensure customers have proper acknowledgement of their loan status.

Something came up, you need more time? No problem, discuss it with us and we will try to help.

Recent types of collateral used

Cars – Trucks – Quads – ATVs – Boats – Trailers – RVs – Motorhomes – Tractors – Houses – Land – Motorcycles